If you have not seen a stage for real that made your jaw hit the floor, you just haven’t been to a good show (that even rhymed!). You might have been given the dream job of creating a stage for your event and you start with high hopes, drawing inspiration from those seriously high-end stages only to come to a dead end when you figure out that building that dream stage pretty much blows out the entire year’s budget. But here’s the trick. If you have the right materials, attitude and creative genius, you can really make a high-end looking stage with a low budget and it will not break your bank at all.

Use PVC pipes

The PVC pipe option is a great way to get a lot of things done at a really reasonable cost. These pipes can be bought in a large variety of diameters and lengths and because it is a very common thing that can be seen in almost any house, it is very cheaply bought too. You can use these to make some really great designs that will look great when you use it in combination with some snow production in Hong Kong and other effects that will create the illusion of an expensive stage do.

Use window screens

Just like the PVC option above, window screens are also easily available at any lifestyle or home store and it is rather cheap. When you crinkle these up, you will be able to make some great shadows that will work really well with top quality fake snow effects and will go a long way in adding some depth and textures to something that will be boring otherwise. However, you have to make sure that you don a pair of heavy duty rough gloves when you work with window screens. This is mainly because the sharp sides and edges can real give you a serious injury if you make even a small mistake.


This is probably the most sought after material that you can go for because of the fact that it is very flexible and serves a variety of purposes. Coroplast is made of corrugated plastic and is a really versatile material that is sturdy enough to create anything. The Coroplast itself is quite light in weight but it is capable of being strong and well balanced, no matter what shape it has been cut into. This means that the number of things that you could do with this material is pretty much endless. The substance is found mainly in a milky white but can be bought in its transparent form too which makes excellent choice for lighting options on stage. The lighting when combined with the Coroplast really becomes quite the eye-catcher. If you want to know where you can get this for cheap, just approach a local signage shop or any place that does printing. However, the price will also change according to the dimensions that you require.