As the saying goes, people come in various shapes and sizes. It is not easy to change the shape of your body, be it gene-defined or God-given – based on your belief – you end up with. Being overweight can be fought and getting too thin also can be remedied. However, if you are born with narrow hips or wider shoulders it may take more than checking in to a gym to help change that.

Dressing for the body

When you are getting dressed, make sure you do it right by donning the sort of clothes that fit you. This doesn’t mean you have to buy according to the international size, “medium” or “large” or size 8 or 10. There are certain types of clothing items that will best suit your figure. For example, if you have a broad body, with similar measurements for shoulders to waist and hips, it means your figure is boxier. In that case, avoid bodycon dresses even if they are the trend of the current time. Talk to a personal shopper and seek help in identifying your body type as well as the style of clothing which fits you. You should also be able to distinguish what better suits work, a gathering, informal day out and a party.


You may have heard this word frequently. “Accessorising” is wearing the right type and amount of jewelry. Jewelry used in a very wide umbrella term which encompasses earrings to necklaces to body paint and belly rings. It looks good when you wear just the right amount and types of it; overdoing may kill the look-and-feel you are going for. In addition, it may not fit the occasion; a faux pas as such can even make a host unhappy or guests uncomfortable. Best example is when a mother-in-law decided to wear her wedding dress to her son’s wedding. Not just accessorizing but also the dress itself is offensive to the bride, who is supposed to be the centre of attention. Therefore, in addition to understanding your body shape, try to figure out what your face shape is and how jewelry can be worn to enhance it.

Determining your face shape

Similar to body, face also has its shape. It depends on how wide the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are and what shape the eyes are; a wider forehead is a heart shaped face while wider cheekbones and eyes gives way to a round or an oval shaped face. If you have a wider jawline, it is said that your face is triangle-shaped. If the widths are equal, the shape is more square or oblong. According to the final result, you can work out what sort of a necklace to wear or whether to go for dangling earrings or not. You can easily consult a fashion stylist Melbourne to know more about how to wear the perfect accessories to show off your natural beauty. Not all of us are blessed with an hourglass body or a pair shaped face. But harnessing what is already there can lead to a more beautiful “you”.